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Pk advertisement exhibition tents inflatable tent

  A, the classification of the inflatable tent i. a. frame type inflatable tent triangle b. segment 2. Monolithic inflatable tent 3. Jlj inflatable tent.
  Second, inflating tents in sichuan gas column frame form, class gas mining f on high frequency thermal bonding PVC coating cloth and become, electric pump or foot pump inflatable can rapid prototyping. Monolithic inflatable tent on the side wall and canopy cover for the donor, on both ends of the interlayer on-demand open doors and Windows, forming special tents inflatable heat preservation sound insulation; With large rigidity, stability, sound insulation, leakage, molding and Ip] fast charge, etc.
  Advantages: I, heavy lift other tent material (steel, aluminum alloy, glass fiber tube, etc.) due to the use of iron pipe as support, so it is the most important is bigger, it inevitably brings, transport and mobile. Especially the tent area, the support of the IJ the more, and the tent area increases, bear‘s paw demand is bigger, which creates a support bearing claw star increases, the corresponding also can make sichuan iron pipe wall thickness is greater, the tent of claws. F 1 is larger.
  And inflatable tent and inflatable tube, 1 ding to fold, and ordinary metal iron pipe bracket structure tents to compare, says a star obviously lighter and so on the transport is relatively easy.
  2, the same volume in the tent volume i. other material (steel, aluminum alloy, glass fiber tube, etc.) of the structure of the tent, and as a result of the existence of iron pipe bracket, unable to free packaging; And iron pipe bracket length is longer, usually lead to smaller vehicles will can‘t let go in, so in the transport, it must adopt sichuan and relatively large vehicles.
  The inflatable tent, is due to the software, inflatable dendrocalamus giganteus, and air column can be folded after deflated; This design makes the tent after the sichuan, freedom can be folded, constitute only a small volume of sichuan can easily into the small home of sichuan vehicles and ordinary vehicles. Transportation is convenient.
  3. Set up one with other material removed tent (steel, aluminum alloy, glass fiber tube, etc.) need many people set up, set up a long time, and the tents, the greater the need of personnel, the more the longer the time also.
  Four, onroll development prospects are relatively inflatable tents, inflatable tent set up is very convenient, only need to tent flat out on the ground, foot pump and electric pump is connected, can be set up in a few minutes.
  A removable, too, when in other material (steel, aluminum alloy, glass fiber tube, etc.) of dismantle and pack the required number is more, also are time consuming. And at the time of the demolition inflatable tent just need to let its natural gas, or electric vacuum blower fan extraction.
  So, compared with other ordinary tent material (steel, aluminum alloy, glass fiber tube, etc.), inflatable tent has its incomparable advantage, its best I light, small volume, in transit with other ordinary tent material (steel, aluminum alloy, glass fiber tube, etc.)
  Don‘t have advantage. And a couple of the erection of a and removal is very simple, won‘t waste more manpower and time, especially suitable for emergency rapid response when make J! J. In harsh environment can‘t arrive in time, can also be parachuted inflatable tent.