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The classification of the inflatable model gas products

  Many different kinds of inflatable gas model, and according to the use of different modelling, which is divided into several categories as follows:
  A. Inflatable toys, inflatable castle, inflatable slide, inflatable, inflatable jumping bed, inflatable animals trampoline bed, inflatable trampoline, inflatable obstacles, inflatable, inflatable, inflatable football stadium runway, inflatable entertainment city, inflatable children‘s paradise, inflatable naughty treasure, large inflatable entertainment city, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable house.
  2. Inflatable cartoon categories: inflatable cartoon, inflatable moving cartoon, inflatable, inflatable cartoon model fixed cartoon, large inflatable cartoon.
  3. Inflatable festival product categories: inflatable Santa Claus, inflatable Christmas trees, Christmas decorations inflatable, inflatable Christmas gifts, inflatable Christmas items, Christmas items, inflatable space layout, air venue decoration, air field props, with Christmas lights products, with lamp products, inflatable Halloween haunted house, inflatable ghosts, on Halloween decoration, Halloween present, Halloween props, props, stage props.
  Four. Inflatable advertising categories: air wuxing, inflatable cartoon star, air wuxing, the floats wuxing, inflatable animals fall the earth, large, inflatable empty lift-off ball, floating ball, latex, PVC ball, inflatable, inflatable advertising ball shaped ball, balloon, helium balloons
  Five. Inflatable arch, inflatable single arch, inflatable double arch, arch and wedding arch, arch, promotion, celebration arch arch arch arch, Oxford cloth, clip net cloth, waterproof arch.
  Six. Inflatable tent: large inflatable tent, scaffolding tent, advertising tents, inflatable buildings, family tents, outdoor tents, tent, travel tent, camping tent, the cold portable tent tents, tarpaulins, receive type.
  Seven. LED lights: inflatable, inflatable, inflatable cone pillar more corner flower-like, inflatable, inflatable columns, gas-filled lamp falls the earth, inflatable light tents, inflatable arch, inflatable lights advertising ball, inflatable with lamp model car, gas-filled lamp series, inflatable Christmas lights series of all saints.
  Eight. Water toys are: combination of inflatable water park, water, water slide, water platform, water trampoline, water bluff, floating iceberg, water rock climbing, inflatable boats, inflatable kayaks, boating, water walking ball, inflatable hand water leisurely wave ball, water pool, water passage, water shoes.
  Nine. Inflatable model: the truck model, bus model, small car model, truck model, masking the bottle model, fruit, food, household model, animal model, mechanical model.