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Bubble soccer or bubble football is a very fun sport game for both kids and adults. If you have never heard about this game, I can tell you that it’s a regular soccer game with a giant inflatable ball inserted in the player’s head to add extreme bumpy and bouncing fun. Although the soft and big inflatable ball are designed to protect the participants during the intense game, you may want to read this article to learn more about safety tips for a bubble soccer game. However, when it comes to a kid bubble soccer event, the children may not get what you’re saying or they just don’t like to follow instructions. Here are some useful considerations for you to plan a successful bubble football game for kids.

1. Find a suitable venue for the children

Planning a kids bubble soccer event is just like planning a kids birthday party. You will need to find a large enough venue first. However, a bubble soccer game for kids does not require as much space as adults need. If you have an open field or just a large backyard, the problem may be solved. On the other hand, you may want to prepare another game for people who just not love to be part of the bubble soccer game, and prepare enough safe distance for the audiences. Moreover, you should also consider having enough restrooms and restaurants near the venue because children will need to change cloths and reenergize after the intense sport game.

2. Find quality inflatable bubble ball suits

The second thing you should do is to get enough inflatable bubble ball suits for two teams. You can buy or rent these inflatable equipment from a reputable and distinguished company. If you choose to buy, it’s recommended to buy from U-Rides Attraction Company, a Chinese manufacturer which provides high quality bubble balls and good deals. If you choose to rent, you can get reliable information by searching the local inflatable bubble soccer balls rental companies on the Internet. Just like you are looking for a good bounce house rental for your kid’s birthday party.

3. Keep the children safe

As the kids sport game organizer, it’s your responsibility to keep them safe during the event. Most kids have never seen a bubble ball before, so you need to train them how to use a bubble ball and how to protect themselves during the game. Make sure all players fasten their shoes before start running and avoid any extreme risky bubble soccer activities such as bounce to the air or jump on other players. It’s vital for you to supervise all the kids before and after the game. Don’t allow the younger kids to play with older kids and don’t forget to carry a first aid kit just in case someone gets hurt.

4. Cap the event with memorable photographs

No event is completed without memorable photographs! The bubble soccer event is a great game for the kids to bond, have fun and release their energy. Their parents will love to see their kids bump, roll in a funny way. And photos are a great way to capture those wonderful moments and bring back your memory later.

If you want to let the kids to have all the fun more than they’re never imagined, organize a successful bubble soccer game for them. Buy all the required inflatable equipment from U-Rides Attraction Company and we can offer you more other party entertainment solutions.

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