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Model gas industry wants to develop must have five factors

  1. Enhance communication, improve unit power market is a long-term, not happen overnight. And stable relationship with customers is also a need to establish long-term cooperation. Therefore, to carry forward the meteorological service to serve the society, traditional highly responsible for the user, the above products such as quality and excellent service to win the market. In the balloon business, our enthusiasm for new and old customers, business size is earnest, high-margin services as low profit, often should do customer pays a return visit, consultation, so as to adjust our service, to win the market, to win customers, improve the reputation, promote the healthy and orderly development of the advertising balloons.
  2. Integrated operation, improve the market competition to improve market competitiveness, you should take advantage of the industry to do a good job in integrated management, not only confined to cast the balloon is a road, can also develop other services. Advertising integration, such as television commercials and the balloon balloon advertising and other integration project. Now some customers wants us to undertake a balloon project at the same time, also can put the whole ceremony to undertake down, it‘s need to improve our ability to undertake comprehensive projects. We use this way to carry on radio and television building opening ceremony last year, anqing vocational and technical college commencement, 18 open supermarket opening ceremony and other projects, has achieved good social benefits and economic benefits.
  3. To reduce costs, to update the balloon products along with the market competition, falling prices, maintain high profit is impossible. Therefore, must work to reduce the cost, the balloon is the main cost of the leather ball, hydrogen, signs and transportation cost. For ball skin can choose the ball leather quality, low price, and pay attention to the operation in the use, maintenance, recycling, and prolong the service life; Banners production should pay attention to shop around, try to find high quality and low price. Every link should be strictly controlled, carefully, in order to reduce the total cost.
  Also, pay attention to update the balloon products, choose image lifelike, novel style balloons to meet the different needs of different customers, improve the view and admire a gender, to increase customer satisfaction, occupy the market share with high quality.
  4. The scientific management, the benign development of the model gas market should attach great importance to the macro management of gas model advertising work, formulate a set of strict and effective model gas industry management system and the detailed rules for the implementation. Take necessary measures to prevent unfair competition model gas industry personnel, strengthen coordination and cooperation between departments, to establish a powerful supervision system at the same time, often supervise, found problems in a timely manner. For some units and individuals don‘t listen to your advice to take corresponding measures economic sanctions. The guided to develop gas mold industry, a region can decide on the pricing - range, but not break.
  Second, must strengthen the advertising business model gas personnel professional training and ideological education, quickly die practitioners to understand to the general situation as heavy, to the collective interests, and to have cast module corresponding qualifications. To build a new model gas business personnel and personnel of the responsibility system, especially the safety responsibility system. Shall be maintained and giving full play to the advantages of good meteorological department in the size of the balloon advertising.
  Advantage, expand the market to according to the characteristics of the module advertisements, play advantage, for the market, actively take the initiative to contact the door. Such as government departments of various important meeting widely publicized, enterprises and institutions of all kinds of celebrations, the opening ceremony in the business, product promotion, festival celebration and so on. In units at the same time, also can focus on individuals, such as now more popular wedding chromosphere hong door, basic has not opened, the market could also benefit from this aspect. As long as the efforts to develop, dare to innovation, will be more and more wide prospect of market.