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How to choose and buy inflatable toys

  The inflatable products manufacturers, product quality, price is confusion. How to choose and buy gratified flexibly product, is the very concern of the users. Here are my own years of experience in sales, inflatable products to offer you a little common sense, for your reference.
  A, now in the market of inflatable products production enterprise mostly USES the network marketing, product quality can‘t see, so it is difficult to compare and choose. Suggest to buy large inflatable products or friends started to operate pneumatic products, can be field trips to manufacturer. With the creditibility of the production enterprises and products when we order again.
  Second, the product when the choose and buy should try to choose the new product.
  On the one hand, the modelling to the new; On the other hand, to the new process. This will have a better market returns.
  Three, you look at the return to select a product, look at the price. In general, the service life of inflatable products in 2 to 3 years, buy just a one-time investment. Have good benefits may march - half an year can recover the cost, if bought inferior products, can not get a good market returns, is also a pile of waste in the cheap products. Quotation is very low products are shoddy, raw material can not meet the technical indicators, rough processing technology, after-sales service.
  Four, when choosing products to see, two touch, three asked.
  A: look, to see whether the overall modelling, processing technology, colour is tie-in.
  1. The overall modelling is vivid, hyperbole, the characteristics of the atmosphere which is inflatable products.
  2. The processing technology, want to note that no dead Angle, no crushed. Straight stitch, stitch evenly, can not be too close nor too thin. Too close to reduce fabric strength, thin air tightness.
  3. The colour collocation and association, and beautiful, accord with modelling characteristics and appreciation habits.
  B: touch: touch to touch the material. Good material is soft, smooth and do not lose simple sense. If there is a obvious fold also grabbed the loosen after watching. Fold the poor quality of material.
  C: q: ask is to know the situation, such as using what material, composition, thickness, material tensile strength, tensile strength, color fastness, etc.
  Five, the product when ordering to conclude a contract for the order. Indicate the terms of special requirements, price, size, payment, delivery, transport mode, after-sales service and so on to write clearly in the contract.
  Sixth, after the goods arrived at the scene to the inspection in time according to the contract. Found the problem as soon as possible in the factory communication. To offer a very low must measure the size, the product specifications. This product can not meet the actual demand size easily. Aquatic products to do air tightness test in time. When the test pressure a bit higher than normal use.