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Inflatable castle security operations must be to the attention of the operator

  Inflatable castle object is primarily a children‘s play, and large scale, strong excitant inflatable castle market development trend, inflatable castle security problem has become a focus of attention of people in dinner many times operation in the open air environment, for the use of tourist entertainment.
  Inflatable castles in use process in the sports every day, every day wear, aging, therefore inflatable castle may occur in the process of using a flat shape even blown up. Like cars, it is a good car there is no guarantee that never fails. Because people safety consciousness enhancement, inflatable amusement equipment running also received wide attention.
  We should correctly understand the inflatable castle causes of failure and accidents, on the one hand, improve the reliability of equipment, on the other hand safety knowledge learning and propaganda, do civilized passengers, to reduce the failure rate, prevent major accidents, ensure the safe operation of the inflatable castle. Large inflatable castle manufacturers have corresponding safety operation specification, implement the security responsibility, formulated the emergency plan, rescue workers and rescue equipment; The vast majority of inflatable castle, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the operation and regular inspection, security equipment will be guaranteed. Overall, large theme park and amusement park equipment safety status and safety management situation is better, some individual operators lack of awareness of safety management, need attention.