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Winter is coming and some party rental business owners choose to slow down their business during the cold season and take this time to give a full maintenance to their inflatable equipment, include cleaning them thoroughly. Unlike a parent who bought a bounce house for their kids, you may want to know how to clean your commercial bounce houses more thoroughly so that to provide a better service to your customers. No one wants to give customers a bad impression with dirty inflatable jumpers. Once you make cleaning your bounce houses with the following 5 steps on a regular basis, you will find it easier than you think!

Step One: Preparations before you start

Like everything else, you need to take on some preparatory tasks before you actually start cleaning a bounce house. So that you can do it faster, safer and more thoroughly. You know, it’s better and more time-efficient to be methodical. First re-inflate your bounce house on a large waterproof tarp. Take off all removable components like steps, art panels, ladders, netting or side rails and clean those separately. Then you should walk inside the inflatable house and inspect it thoroughly so that you know how much works need to be done and which trouble areas need to be cleaned the most.

Step Two: Clean a bounce house “dry”

Step one provided you with a road map that can help you clean this bounce house quicker and more efficiently. Before you rinse it with a garden hose, you need to check the gaps and behind flaps to remove loose items such as sticks, crayons, jewelry, toys and big clumps of dirt. Use a broom or a vacuum to brush out the bounce house everywhere. Flip it over if necessary.

Step Three: Clean a bounce house “wet”

After brushing and vacuuming, if you don’t see any dirty areas or other messes, you can skip to step four. Otherwise you may need to do a “wet cleaning” on the entire structure or just affected areas with household cleaner. Under what circumstances should I “wet clean” a bounce house? Well, if some areas of the bouncer visibly look dirty after brushing or vacuuming, if it has irregular odors or smells, if someone has made a mess inside the bounce house (spills, being sick, etc.), if you plan to store it for a long period like the winter season.

You can make a special bounce house cleaner with three parts water to one part vinegar, add a sensible amount of bleach-free dish soap. Then apply the cleaner to dirty or soiled areas, scrub with a soft bristle brush, a sponge, or a rag. Be careful not to scuff the PVC or vinyl materials and focus your scrubbing efforts on dirtier areas. After scrubbing, rinse it thoroughly with a garden hose.

Step Four: Disinfect a bounce house

Your bounce house is almost entirely clean after the above three steps. The next step is to disinfect your inflatable unit to ensure it isn’t spreading cold or fly viruses, MESA, or other viruses or infections. Don’t use bleach or bleach-based products to disinfect your inflatables because bleach can cause color fading and damage the material. It’s highly recommended to use bleach-free disinfecting wipes. Use the wipes to wipe down areas where hands or faces go, including landings, railings, sidewalls, ladders and netting. You don’t need to rinse disinfectant away, just let it dry naturally.

If you find mold and mildew on your bounce house, you can use appropriate amount of bleaching agent to remove the mold and mildew from the inflatable.

Step Five: Dry a bounce house

The final step is to dry your bounce house to prevent mold and mildew. Use some towels to mop up excessive buildups pf water and then let the sun dry the bounce house itself. This can take a few hours. You can use a leaf blower to speed up the process. Make sure it’s completely dry before you roll it up for storage.

Knowing how to clean a bounce house properly can prevent children from getting sick or injured. The clean inflatable bouncers are better for your rental business. Don’t be afraid to show customers your cleanliness and safety procedures. That will be helpful to create a company’s reputation. I’m sure you will take it seriously if you still want to succeed in this industry.

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