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You may have read many posts saying that inflatable bouncers and sport games are suitable for kids birthday parties, company team building days, etc. But you don’t understand why these inflatable units for adults are different from other common team building games. Before you plan the activities for the team building day of your company, you need to know what team building is all about and why it’s so important for corporate culture. The purpose of team building activities is to make your employees to know each other better, so as to achieve business tasks successfully with smooth communication. Nowadays, the various inflatable structures prove to be worth investing your time and money into it to help the growth of your team.

Let’s see the main reasons why you should get inflatable amusement equipment for your next team building activities.

1. Help you with teamwork and communication

Good communication and teamwork is probably the most important thing for a team to be successful in completing the same goal. And what kind of inflatable units and games are beneficial for this purpose? The bubble soccer is a perfect example for this. Participants of two teams throw on an inflatable bubble ball suit and then play a fun soccer game. This is simple but extremely funny. People are covered in a giant bubble so the chance of getting hurt is a lot less. They kick the ball and run around the field to score a goal. You can choose to run into and roll onto others on purpose. There is no other teamwork game can be so fun without worrying about getting hurt on the football field.

2. Help everyone exercise and stay healthy

For employees who sit in front of a computer for eight hours every day, obesity and physical fitness are issues that need to be taken more and more seriously. Therefore, it’s a good idea to provide some physical limit test challenges on the team building day. Here comes the giant inflatable obstacle course. The ultimate challenge or other themes obstacle courses made up of different inflatable units put together can be over 100 meters long! How insane is that? It’s also called insane 5K obstacle race. Each obstacle unit has different challenges for people to crawl through, run, jump, climb and finally slide down.

The inflatables protect you from getting hurt while you are jumping crazy to increase your heart rate and improve your breathing. Some obstacle challenges are also good for balance and hand eye coordination. The friendly competition between each other helps to add positive atmosphere. And waiting in line for your turn helps everyone to be patient. The inflatable obstacle course is suitable for children and adults so it would suit a corporate team building activity or end of year parties for sure.

3. Help everyone to have fun together

Everyone loves to have fun. In fact, fun times together may be the most important reason that employees want to attend the team building activities instead of having to. The positive vibes you feel within yourself can actually be explained by serotonin which in the common tongue means “happy hormone”. Feeling good about yourself is an excellent step towards positive mental health. And mental health is just as important as physical health. Now you can get both with inflatables.

For example, adults who work a hard day can also feel like a child again when jumping on a bouncy castle or sliding down an inflatable water slide. An inflatable boxing ring with a pair of giant boxing gloves can also bring back childhood memories. You can jump in the ring and have your rounds with your friends to enjoy the healthy competition. This can bring out the blissful emotions associated without having a care in the world.

The above are how can inflatables benefit your team building activities. See more inflatable interactive games for team building exercises. Come to U-Rides Attraction Company to find the most suitable inflatable structures for your event.

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