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Today is a happy day for family reunion and a good time to throw a great festival and year-end party! When it comes to the party, bounce house is essential for your kids entertainment. However, in addition to these simple and safe inflatable jumpers, there are many fun interactive games you can choose to entertain all your guests, such as inflatable rock climbing wall! I have to say that indoor rock climbing is becoming an increasingly popular way to children physically active while having fun.

Whether you are hiring a giant inflatable rock climbing wall for home use or visiting a professional indoor rock climbing center, you should encourage your kids to try this physical game more often. Let’s take a look at the benefits of indoor rock climbing for children.

1. It’s a fun way to encourage physical exercise

I don’t need to emphasize how important regular exercise is to keep fit. However, most physical exercise are boring and we can’t expect a child to have regular exercise routine like we adults go to the gym. Don’t worry. Inflatables provide many options like playing a sport to encourage children to exercise in a fun way. In comparison to the simple and easy bounce houses, inflatable rock climbing wall is more physically and mentally engaging. Kids have to life the weight of their body to get to the top. This will help them build incredible core strength, both challenging and fun for kids of all age. What’s more, parents can also join them to enjoy this great activity.

2. It improves hand-eye coordination

Rock climbing is a challenging activity requires a high level of hand-eye coordination. Participants have to use their eyes to find the next piece of rock to hold to continue going upwards. This will help aid their motor skill development. Small children from the age of two years old will begin to start climbing things such as furniture. Climbing helps children to improve their own depth perception and judging distances of objects from their body. This activity requires children to use both their mind and body. So not only are they improving their physical strength, but they are improving their mind as well.

3. It helps drag your kids off the digital screens

Like inflatable castles and inflatable water slides, the inflatable rock climbing wall is also a fun and cheap way to keep children entertained and active. It’s fun, interactive and safe, so it can get your kids off the sofa and put down their smart phones and get into action, getting their blood flowing. An inflatable rock climbing wall game can encourage children to believe in themselves that they can complete this challenge, start with the easy indoor rock climbing and then gradually move onto other outdoor sports.

4. It can help children develop problem solving skills

Some children may be afraid of the heights, and some children may feel unconfident about themselves when challenging this rock wall. Well, encourage them to try inflatable rock climbing activity maybe a more comfortable way for them to get over their fear. Kids have to use their motor skills and hand-eye coordination to help them grab the most suitable rock to climb higher to get to the top. If they believe in their own skills and finally reach the top, this activity will help them develop their own confidence.

5. It’s a great activity for parties and events

If you want to host a rock climbing theme party, you don’t have to go to the indoor rock climbing center, you can easily rent all types of inflatable rock climbing walls or mountains. U-Rides Attraction offer many inflatable climbing walls, some structures are suitable for children up to 12 years old, some are suitable for both children and adults. You can also find many models of rock climbing walls feature with bounce house, slide, or obstacle. The combination feature of rock climbing wall amusement park can challenge all the muscles in your body.

Just visit U-Rides Attraction and get in touch today to find out more inflatable bouncers for parties and amusement business.